What is Included in AC Servicing?

what is included in an air conditioning servicingNow that warmer weather has arrived, it’s time to schedule your annual air conditioning tune-up.

Of course, the standard of your skilled air conditioning maintenance is determined by the technicians who perform it, but there are a few things that all licensed HVAC companies can do.

Steps to a Professional Air Conditioning Tune-Up

If you have a licensed HVAC technician inspect your heating and/or cooling system, they should do a thorough inspection and cleaning, which should include the following:

  • The technician should calibrate your thermostat and make sure it is mounted correctly and away from all heat sources, such as light bulbs and heat-producing appliances, to ensure it is working properly.
  • Electrical Connections – Technicians test electrical connections to ensure that they are safe to use. Electrical connections should be checked and tightened to avoid possible electrical risks and to extend the life of your heating and cooling system.
  • Lubricate Moving Parts – This will ensure that friction does not cause any unnecessary harm to moving parts. Because of the lack of lubrication, machine parts wear out more easily, necessitating more frequent repairs and/or replacements.
  • Check and Clear Condensate Drain Line – Clearing your air conditioner’s condensate line ensures that liquid condensate is properly drained. Water leaks and other moisture and wetness issues may occur if your drain cline becomes clogged. Mold and bacteria near your drain line are often removed by condensate drain cleanings. Your technician will also determine if you have a broken condensate drain pipe and will be able to patch or fix any leaking condensate drain pipes.
  • Check System Controls – This ensures that your HVAC system is properly cycling and operating safely. It’s important to ensure that your machine starts, runs, and shuts down properly.
  • Clean or Alter Change the air filter – This ensures that you have a clean and working air filter that is appropriate for your current system. While you can work on your filter yourself (and should!), your HVAC professional should recommend a different filter or filtration device.

Celestial Air’s Air Conditioning Tune-Up & Safety Inspection

Trained Service Champions technicians will conduct the following 20 operations during a 60-90 minute precision tune-up and skilled cleaning:

Measure amperage and voltage for proper operation of the blower motor.

Check for proper service, calibrate, and level the thermostat.

Remove and clean the current air filter (as needed)

Inspect the bearing for wear and lubricate it.

Inspect the coil inside the building.

Flush the condensate drain and use an anti-algae treatment.

Examine the Condenser Coil

Refrigeration – keep an eye on the operating pressures.

Inspect safety devices for proper service.

Check the electrical disconnect box is properly rated and installed.

Inspection and tightening of electrical connections

Check for burnt or pitted contacts in contactors.

Check for exposed wiring in the electrical system.

Capacitors should be inspected and checked.

Examine the fan blades.

Remove any debris from the condenser coil.

Check the operation of the service valves.

Calculate the temperature difference between supply and return.

Examine ductwork for energy leaks.

Watch, calculate amperage and volt draw, as well as wiring connections, on the compressor.


When you call us, we will advise you of any routine maintenance specials we are currently running.  For an annual furnace and air conditioning system tune-up, call or schedule service online.