What are Brands of Commercial Refrigeration?

Looking for information on some of the commercial refrigeration brands we can service? Celestial Air services these leading brands and others in New Jersey.

True –

True prides itself in manufacturing American-made goods as well as providing jobs for Americans since 1945. True’s 3.7 million square feet of manufacturing facilities are all in Missouri’s St. Louis region, and they provide excellent opportunities for many Americans. True also helps other American companies by sourcing 75% of its raw materials and components from American manufacturers. True stays home to ensure quality and jobs for Americans, while many corporations look to foreign markets to save money.

Turbo Air –

Turbo Air has been producing refrigerators for 20 years and has seen year-on-year growth. Commercial refrigerators and freezers, supermarket equipment, kitchen equipment, and walk-in system units are all manufactured by Turbo Air.
Turbo Air manufactures around 500 refrigeration units per year. Texas, South Korea, and China all have manufacturing facilities. Turbo Air has a global presence, with goods sold in 67 countries.

Traulsen –

Traulsen has long been recognized as the industry leader in restaurant refrigeration. Traulsen offers experienced advice and high-quality equipment to sophisticated food service customers who understand the importance of temperature management and want peace of mind that their equipment will continue to function properly. Customers at Traulsen place a premium on great performance, dependability, and longevity.

Habco –

Value, innovation, quality, and sustainability are four essential factors of Habco’s top-of-the-line commercial refrigerators and refrigeration equipment. Habco has been providing elegant and professional items for hotels, restaurants, pubs, schools, gas stations, and other commercial facilities for over 60 years. Habco’s products are designed to be easy to maintain and repair, from commercial freezers that exhibit scrumptious ice cream to commercial refrigerators that house medical supplies.

Artic Air –

Since 1995, Arctic Air has been producing quality, affordable refrigeration products to the commercial equipment market in the United States and Canada. Arctic Air is a division of Broich Enterprises, Inc. and was created as a quality, lower cost alternative to the standard commercial refrigeration products offered at the time. Since that time, Arctic Air products have come to be known as very reliable alternatives for many common commercial applications.

Excellence Industries –

Excellence Industries, based in Tampa, Florida, is a national leader in commercial refrigeration for the food and food service industries. Excellence has been providing self-contained refrigeration systems that generate client income and growth for over 50 years.
Excellence is the only commercial refrigeration business that offers a full range of services to ensure a smooth and efficient experience. It all starts with unique personalized graphics and designs. Then Excellence provides logistics and distribution, as well as leasing, service, and recycling, all from a single, dependable source.

Carrier –

Through healthy, safe, sustainable, and intelligent solutions that transport, monitor, and store the world’s perishables, Carrier’s refrigeration business is delivering confidence in the connected cold chain. Providing individuals all over the world with fresh foods and medications. Ensure that important vaccines are stored and transported safely. Reducing waste and being environmentally conscious. With improved connectivity and visibility, it all comes together. These are the crucial moves.

Beverage Air –

In every market they serve, Beverage-Air is committed to being the worldwide brand leader. Offering a complete range of refrigeration and food service equipment to address a variety of industry demands, leveraging a tradition of industry leadership, great product quality, and unparalleled innovation. Their mission is to build equipment that is engineered for success by providing superior goods and excellent support to our global customers. Beverage-Air views their achievements as a barometer of their own, and works tirelessly to provide the best available solutions to meet and surpass client expectations.

KeepRite –

KeepRite Refrigeration is a North American commercial refrigeration company located in Ontario,Canada.

These goods include evaporator coils, condensing units, condensers, heat transfer and heat recovery, and air conditioning devices, as well as specific uses in food storage and processing.

Master Bilt –

In 1938, the Master-Bilt firm was formed in a three-car garage in St. Louis. Two buddies started making chilled coolers for dairy farms’ 10-gallon milk cans. Master-Bilt has developed from these beginnings to become a manufacturer of one of the most extensive ranges of refrigeration equipment today.

Ice cream dipping cabinets, open air merchandisers, and reach-in cases are among Master-Bilt’s refrigerated¬†cabinets, which are used in the foodservice, convenience store, and restaurant industries. They also make walk-in coolers and freezers in sizes ranging from 30 square feet to full-fledged refrigerated warehouses.

Avantco –

Avantco Refrigeration is committed to offering refrigeration solutions that are tailored to the demands of its clients. They are a top brand trusted by members of every commercial field because they are always expanding to their catalog of possibilities and have a wonderful customer service team. LED lighting and other energy-saving technologies help to reduce ownership costs and contribute to a cleaner future. Avantco strives to be your source for refrigeration, from pizza restaurants and bars to cafés and bakeries.

Norlake –

Nor-Lake started in Wisconsin by designing refrigeration products for bars and restaurants, and some of those items are still in use today. Nor-Lake began with ice cube machines. Nor-operation Lake’s grew over time to encompass a wide range of foodservice refrigeration products. Nor-Lake established a distinct Scientific Division in 1982. Nor-Lake has long been a pioneer in refrigeration design and innovation. Nor-Lake, Incorporated has established itself as a market leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality refrigeration equipment. Nor-Lake has become one of the most well-known names in the refrigeration business thanks to its commitment to customer care and high-quality product line.

Leader –

In 1992, Leader Refrigeration Manufacturing Incorporated was established. Their goal is to help customers grow their businesses by supplying visually beautiful, high-quality refrigeration equipment. We continue to develop our goods in anticipation of future customers while serving today’s customers. Leader, based in Brooklyn, New York, caters to the specific demands of the surrounding community. Our main focus has been to come up with creative ways to make the most of small areas. Our skilled designers have created innovative refrigeration devices in response to consumer needs.

Continental –

Continental is a significant commercial food-service refrigeration manufacturer in the United States, having been founded in 1989. Continental Refrigerator has built a reputation for innovation and excellence by emphasizing cooperation, technology-driven product initiatives, and a commitment to putting customer pleasure first. Their products are created in the United States and are designed for food safety, excellent performance, and long-term durability.

Everest –

Everest believes in being a cut above the competition. High-quality materials and components, highly competent engineers, state-of-the-art manufacturing lines, and tight quality controls all combine to make foodservice equipment that can survive the harshest environments. Everest is powered by dependable technology that is designed to provide excellent performance and longevity. Excellent heat dispersion and ventilation are provided by high-performance compressors, huge condenser coils, and high-velocity condenser fan motors. Fast temperature recovery and convenience are ensured by self-maintaining evaporator coils and dual evaporator fan motors. Everything is housed in a self-contained, adjustable condensing unit for unrivaled accessibility.

Atosa –

Atosa is a significant commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer with a diverse product line that includes refrigeration, cooking equipment, warming/holding equipment, stainless steel fabrication equipment, and more. In addition to the food service industry, Atosa sells kitchen equipment to enterprises all over the world, including schools, hotels, restaurants, markets, and other commercial institutions. We have a huge selection of merchandise at our corporate warehouses in California, Colorado, Texas, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Washington to meet our clients’ immediate demands. As a developing company, we are always expanding our product lines to satisfy the growing demands of the food service sector; as a result, new products are now under development and will be accessible to our clients soon. To ensure that our quality requirements are always met, every stage of the production process, including engineering, design, and fabrication, is completed in-house by our qualified and experienced staff.


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