Commercial Walk In Cooler Repair

Repair and Installation of Commercial Walk In Coolers

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Celestial Air is a HVAC-R company that specializes in parts and repairs for commercial refrigeration.

Experts in Commercial Foodservice Refrigeration Equipment Repair
Repair and installation of commercial refrigeration systems

Celestial Air welcomes you. In the northern New Jersey area, we’ve been offering commercial refrigeration repair, installation, and maintenance since 1995.

Our professional experts can repair any type of refrigeration in your commercial kitchen. Ice machine, refrigerators, freezers, walk-in coolers, and more are all repaired, installed, and maintained by us.

We understand how important it is to keep your commercial kitchen equipment running smoothly and consistently when you own a restaurant or manage a kitchen. Our commercial kitchen technicians in New Jersey are well-trained and have a lot of expertise. They can work on any brand of system and deliver high-quality results. We back it up with a  labor warranty and a  parts warranty on ice machine repair, cooler repair and freezer repair, too.


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We put forth a lot of effort to form relationships with our clients, and we want to see you succeed. We understand that the foodservice industry does not always operate during regular business hours. That’s why, in New Jersey and throughout our service region, we offer emergency commercial refrigeration repairs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We are proud to provide comprehensive commercial HVAC and commercial refrigeration services throughout the northern New Jersey region including Paterson, Passaic and Clifton as well as Hudson, Essex, Passaic, Bergen and Morris Counties.

Walkin Coolers Repair and Installation

Repairing a Commercial Walk-In Cooler

Celestial Air offers comprehensive commercial walkin cooler services in New Jersey, including walk–in cooler repair and installation. For any firm that deals with perishable commodities, keeping your inventory cool is critical. It can be a tremendous hassle and waste inventory if your walk–in cooler isn’t working properly. Celestial Air is fortunate to work with a diverse range of commercial refrigeration customers.

What We Have to Offer

  • Parts Warranty
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Guaranteed Response Time
  • Labor Warranty

Our commercial walkin cooler repair experts in New Jersey are highly trained and have years of experience working with various walk–in cooler types and brands. If you require walk–in cooler installation, we can assist you in selecting a new walk–in cooler that is appropriate for your business space, storage requirements, and budget.

Repairing a Walk–in Cooler

Give Celestial Air a call if you notice any of the following:

  • Walk–in Cooler Leaking Water
  • Walk–in Cooler Air Leaks
  • Walk–in Cooler Making Odd Noises

Installation of a Walk–in Cooler

Installing a new walk–in cooler in your business is a major undertaking. The old system must be appropriately disposed of, and there are several concerns that must be taken into account. Celestial Air can accept delivery of your new walk–in cooler and keep it at our facility until you are ready to install it. We may also deliver it to your location and install it. This is a massive undertaking that you should not attempt on your own. The correct installation of your walk–in cooler is crucial to its optimal performance.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Walk-in Cooler?

Any commercial kitchen’s heart is a walk-in cooler. It affects your inventory, as well as all of your consumers. When you’re having issues with your walk-in, it’s critical to figure out what’s going on as quickly as possible. Problems might begin small and become quickly out of hand.

It’s not always easy to decide whether to repair or replace a walk-in cooler. Naturally, you want to keep prices low while still getting the results you need. Maintenance, like any other aspect of your business cooling system, may extend its life for years – but only to a limit.

Making the decision to replace at the appropriate time can save you time, money, and frustration. Doing it too soon, on the other hand, can result in excessive costs and a lengthy turnaround time, both of which can be disruptive to your business. Many elements go into making the right decision at the right moment.


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Here’s how to pick the best choice for your company’s needs:

1. What is the age of the walk-in cooler?

Your walk-in cooler has several characteristics in common with other refrigeration units. It uses a commercial compressor regardless of size. As a result, age has a significant role in performance. You should expect your walk-in’s performance to begin to deteriorate when it approaches ten years old.

The majority of businesses will update their refrigeration equipment between the ages of 8 and 12.

Mechanical wear and tear, on the other hand, might cause component failure before the 10-year mark. Repairs are frequently speedier and less expensive in this situation. Component failures that are so severe that repair becomes prohibitively expensive are uncommon.

2.  Issues with Temperature Consistency

Many walk-in coolers run at a temperature of roughly 34 degrees. If you’re having trouble keeping the temperature consistent, the first thing to check is if the thermostat is accurately registering the temperature. The next most likely cause is low refrigerant levels.

Remember that your walk-in cooler, like a consumer freezer, relies on proper air movement to keep a consistent temperature throughout the area. The temperature and energy consumption of the walk-in can be influenced by how you pack and arrange your food inventory.

3. Increasing Energy Consumption Over Time

Although the performance may not be affected, the refrigeration equipment consumes more energy to operate. This is usually caused by the need to clean the evaporator and condenser coils. Cleaning out fans and de-icing a walk-in cooler can also help.

Increased energy consumption can indicate neglected maintenance, but it rarely indicates that the system has to be replaced. Make sure your maintenance regimen includes the jobs you’ll need on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis to get the most out of your walk-in.

4. Conducting Routine Maintenance Checks

When equipment is well-maintained, repairs are quicker and less expensive. Check the evaporator coil’s condition on a monthly basis to guarantee proper defrosting.

Tighten electrical connections, caps, and screws every six months, inspect motors and blades, clean condenser coil and drain pan, and test control systems, including defrost controls.

Keep in mind that, while almost anyone can clean out the walk-in, many of its components are delicate. Make contact with the team of professionals at Celestial Air who are knowledgeable about commercial refrigeration. The money you save by prolonging the life of your equipment can easily cover the expense of additional maintenance.

5. Is It Time to Replace Your Commercial Compressor?

If you don’t want to replace your walk-in cooler entirely, repairing the compressor will typically restore it to “like new” condition. While changing the compressor is an expense, it is not as difficult as purchasing and installing a completely new walk-in.

The compressor is the entire system’s beating heart. If the other components are in good working order, adding a compressor breathes fresh life into the system. However, it is uncommon to require a brand-new  compressor; instead, a remanufactured compressor might be a wise financial investment for your system.

A remanufactured compressor has been disassembled and thoroughly inspected to ensure that it meets high performance criteria. Components are replaced and surfaces are cleaned. When the system is reassembled, it is tested to guarantee that it will function correctly in real-world situations.

Whatever problems you’re having with your walk-in, it’s a good idea to act quickly. If performance issues are not addressed, they will simply get worse. Problems in one part of the system will put all of the others under stress.

A sudden drop in your walk-output in’s could indicate a problem that can be swiftly fixed or it could imply the entire system is on its way out.  Being proactive can mean the difference between your business being disrupted and receiving the new component you require with minimal downtime.


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