How Much Do Commercial Refrigerators Cost

Cost of Commercial Refrigeration

The foodservice business relies heavily on commercial freezers and coolers. Not only are restaurants and other foodservice establishments required to have commercial-grade refrigeration, but it is also essential for keeping ingredients looking and tasting as fresh as possible.

Reach-in refrigerators, refrigerated display cases for your bakery or deli, bar refrigerators, buffet refrigeration, convenience store coolers, floral coolers, walk-in coolers, milk coolers, and other items like refrigerated chef bases, undercounter refrigerators, and refrigerated prep tables are all available.

Here’s a look at the price range for various types of commercial refrigeration equipment. The cost of a unit varies depending on its size and brand. These are the most likely ranges; nonetheless, you can locate units in a variety of price ranges both higher and lower than those shown.


The most critical piece of equipment in your foodservice operation is a commercial refrigerator. Refrigerators come in two types: reach-in and pass-through. Refrigerated worktop refrigerators and refrigerated chef bases are two-in-one refrigeration solutions. Drop-in and refrigerators, as well as refrigerated buffet tables, are designed to minimize space in your kitchen while keeping ingredients crisp, chilled, and safe for serving.


Solid Door Reach-In Refrigerators  $1500-$9800

Commercial Pass Thru Refrigerators  $7000+

Spec Series Refrigerators $3800-$13000

Refrigerated Chef Bases $2200-$11000

Undercounter Refrigerators  $1300-$9600

Worktop Refrigerators $1900-$9800

Refrigerated Buffet Tables $2300-$4000



Refrigerated Prep Tables

A refrigerated prep table is used for food preparation in the back of the house. In an arrangement of food pans, chilled prep tables keep cold items organized and at safe holding temperatures. They usually have a cutting board and a separate space for food preparation. Cold storage space in a shelved cabinet or refrigerated drawers is available beneath refrigerated prep tables.


Sandwich/Salad Prep Tables  $1300-$8500

Pizza Prep Tables $2300-$18000

Refrigerated Merchandisers

Refrigerated merchandisers put cold products on  behind transparent glass doors with the right lighting to attract customers and encourage sales. Refrigerated merchandisers are suitable for a wide range of cold products, including beverages, deli sandwiches, convenience store items, wine, and floral arrangements.


Glass Door Merchandiser Refrigerators $900-$8000

Floral Cases and Floral Coolers  $2700-$6300

Horizontal Air Curtains $5500-$11000

Vertical Air Curtains $5600-$9400

Convenience Store Coolers $4200-$4900

Wine Merchandisers $800-$3300

Countertop Refrigerators $1000-$7400

Milk Coolers $2600-$4400



Refrigerated Display Cases

Present consumers with your delectable and gorgeous food goods, such as cases for pies, cakes, and more, by using a refrigerated display case. Deli display cases are made to keep cured meats, handmade cheese, and other delicacies at the ideal temperature. Sushi cases are built specifically for exhibiting sushi rolls on the counter while maintaining the proper sushi temperature.


Refrigerated Bakery Display Cases $6600-$11800

Deli Display Cases $5300-$11600

Sushi Display Cases $2600-$3500

Bar Refrigeration

Bar refrigerators, coolers and chillers get used daily and frequently.  They are made to withstand the rigors of an active bar and minute-by-minute use.

Refrigerated Back Bar Coolers $1800-$5800
Direct Draw Beer Dispensers $1800-$4900
Horizontal Bottle Coolers  $1800-$4300
Glass and Plate Chillers $2200-$3400
Club Top Direct Draw Beer Coolers $3800-$5100


Dual-Temp Commercial Refrigerator and Freezer

Any foodservice operation that needs to maximize space in the back of the house will benefit from dual temperature refrigerator/freezer units. Dual Temp refrigeration, which has a specialized frozen storage compartment as well as a refrigerated storage section, allows you to store both refrigerated and frozen goods conveniently and without wasting much room.

Commercial Refrigerator Freezer Dual Temps $3900-$14000

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