Commercial Ice Maker Repair

commercial refrigeration Celestial AirWe Repair All Types of Commercial Ice Machines

Any well-known brand. Any model will do. Anytime is ok.

Celestial Air provides the most versatile and dependable ice professionals in the market to our commercial customers. We work hard to guarantee that our personnel are well-versed in all brands and types of commercial ice machines. We’re ready to service your ice machine and keep your business functioning smoothly.

Services for Commercial Ice Machine Repair

Ice machines for commercial use are necessary for keeping drinks and customers chilled. An ice machine that isn’t working properly can lower your food inspection score and give your firm a bad reputation.

We Serve the Food Industry

Regardless of the business you service, you need your ice maker and refrigeration equipment to work at their best. For a variety of foodservice businesses, we provide commercial ice machine maintenance and refrigeration services:

Bars and Restaurants
Healthcare Providers
Cafeterias in schools and universities, as well as convenience stores and food markets
Catering Services in Hotels
Military Installations
Recreation and Entertainment

We service the following brands of commercial ice machines:
Vevo | Hoshizaki  | Manitowoc  | Scotsman | Ice-O-Matic | Follett
I Cornelius |  Kold-Draft | Multiplex | Itv |  Franke |  Home Labs |  Henry Vogt

We can service any type of ice machine at your business, including the following popular models:

Full Cube

Full-cube ice, also known as “full-dice ice,” resembles a 7/8-inch cube. Because of its enormous surface area, it melts slowly, keeping beverages colder for longer. Stand-alone, under-counter, and ice-machine-bin combo devices are all available in full-cube commercial ice makers.

Half Cube

Half-cube ice, also known as half-dice ice, is commonly used and measures 3/8 x 7/8 x 7/8 inches. It has the ability to pack tightly into a glass and displace more liquid, resulting in higher earnings. Half-cube commercial ice makers are available in stand-alone, under-counter, and ice-machine-bin combo models, just like full-cube machines.


Blended cocktails, soft beverages, smoothies, and health care settings all benefit from nugget-shaped ice. Celestial Air is experienced in repairing many types of commercial ice machines, including stand-alone, under-counter, bin-combo, and dispenser models.


Tiny flaking ice chips are perfect for mixed drinks, salad bars, produce/meat/seafood displays, and therapeutic ice wraps. Commercial flake ice producers are available in a variety of configurations, including stand-alone, under-counter, bin-combo, and dispenser models.