Commercial Freezer Repair

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Celestial Air’s Commercial Freezer Repair Services

Factory reps continue to train and certify our personnel in order to keep up with the frequent changes that the industry encounters in the service of walk-in freezers. If you have a problem with your walk-in freezer or any other industrial freezer, you can rely on Celestial Air for prompt and dependable service. When you have a business to run, a broken walk-in freezer or commercial freezer is more than just a minor annoyance, which is why we want to assist you diagnose the problem as soon as possible, on your schedule.

Our commercial and walk-in freezer repair services include the following:

Freon leak detection
Freon leak repair
Thermostat replacement
Check temperature
Compressor repair / replacement
Condenser repair / replacement
Retrofit refrigerant
Refrigerant recovery / disposal
Refrigerant leak check
Refrigerant leak repair
Evaporator coil repair
Evaporator fan repair
Condenser fan repair
Evaporator coil replacement
Diagnose / replace txv valve
Thermostatic expansion valve repair / replacement
Nitrogen leak check service
Pressure control repair/ replacement
Head pressure control replacement
Defrosting frozen coils in freezers
Adjustment & replacement of defrost timer clocks
Service / repair of defrost heaters
Service of frozen / plugged drain lines freezers
Fan motor service / replacement
Condenser coil cleaning
Condenser coil degreasing
Walk in freezer service / repair
Reach in freezer service / repair


To assure the future reliability of your equipment, we only utilize the finest quality parts. However, we try to finish your repairs without the use of parts whenever possible.

We are the preferred commercial appliance repair expert in northern New Jersey because of our value-added services. We’ve earned a reputation for excellence, which has allowed us to cultivate a devoted consumer base. We’d want to give you the chance to see what absolutely amazing services we offer.

We service all makes and models of commercial freezers.

Food is preserved in commercial freezers at temperatures ranging from -10 to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), storing food at this temperature prevents bacteria from growing, allowing for safe storage. Contact Celestial Air for business freezer repair if your freezer is having difficulties maintaining the right temperature or has another issue, so you can avoid liability issues and damaged goods. Our professionals will respond as soon as possible!

Commercial Reach-in Freezers

Commercial reach-in freezers are similar to refrigerators in that they are upright. They are divided into parts and may have full-length or half-length solid or glass doors. Our specialists are well-versed in the problems that come with this type of freezer.

Commercial Walk-in Freezers

Restaurants and other commercial establishments that require a big amount of cold storage space inside or outside will benefit from walk-in freezers. Shelving makes it possible to stay organized.

Freezer Prep Tables

Freezer prep tables are kept in the commercial kitchen’s prep section. They have a work surface on top to make meal preparation easier.

Undercounter Freezers

Under-counter freezers resemble reach-in freezers in appearance and function, although they are often smaller and fit into tighter spaces. Do you need assistance with your under-counter freezer? Please contact us!

Merchandising Units

Products are displayed through glass doors in merchandising units, sometimes known as display freezers. Yours will be repaired by Celestial Air specialists, allowing you to continue generating speedy sales to your consumers.