Commercial Display Fridge Repair

Is Your Commercial Display Fridge on the Fritz?

We recommend that you do not attempt to fix the refrigeration unit yourself because business display fridges have many different mechanical parts and components that domestic refrigerators do not.

Do you need to use commercial display refrigeration in your New Jersey business? If that’s the case, you’ll need to be able to spot the warning signals that your display fridge needs to be repaired fast. The sooner you identify and address a potential problem, the more likely you are to avoid downtime due to a malfunctioning commercial refrigerator.


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Here are six symptoms that your commercial display fridge equipment needs to be repaired.

Temperature Variations

A fluctuation in temperature in your freezer or refrigerator could indicate that your refrigeration system needs to be repaired. The performance of your refrigerator is affected by a high temperature on the door or some warmth inside. It’s simple to fix, but you’ll need to hire refrigeration experts. They’ve been trained to work on commercial refrigerators. Furthermore, they are well-versed on the chemicals used inside the machinery.

Damaged Compressor

A compressor is required for any refrigeration system. When the fridge is turned on, this portion generates a buzzing noise. Daily tears and wear can wreak havoc on it. Once your machine stops making noise, you’ll need to do commercial refrigeration equipment repairs. This is especially true while it’s in use or when it’s not cooling evenly.

Customer Complaints

This is the clearest indication that your refrigeration system needs to be repaired. Some consumers are forthright and will provide feedback. Act quickly if you see that customers are complaining about broken merchandise. You can’t afford to scrimp on the quality of the things you sell since it could cost them the trust you’ve worked so hard to earn. A faulty item in your refrigerator may be to blame for the complaints. To avoid all of this, inspect your commercial equipment thoroughly on a regular basis.

Abundant Condensation

Condensation on the inside or outside of your freezer is something to be aware of. This could be a sign that your industrial refrigerator needs to be repaired. Condensation on the outside indicates that the seal has been compromised. In this situation, you’ll notice some mold growth on the door. Furthermore, if it’s inside, it suggests the equipment’s temperature settings have been tampered with. You can’t ignore these issues, therefore it’s better to have the refrigeration equipment repaired.

Paying close attention to the functioning of your display fridge will help you save your commercial business. The signals listed above are the most common indicators that commercial refrigerator repairs are required.

No Power

There are a variety of reasons why your refrigerator may not turn on or keep power. Repairing these concerns, on the other hand, should be a key priority for your company in order to maintain health standards for both your customers and personnel.

Lighting Malfunctions

Lighting concerns are one of the most recently reported issues with commercial refrigerators. This might be anything from a blown light bulb to an issue with the unit’s wiring. Call our seasoned commercial refrigerator repair firm to determine the best line of action for resolving your lighting problems.